Technology is at the heart of our foundation.

Discover PMA’s legacy in the oil industry with over 52 years of expertise in tank dewatering solutions.

Trusted experts in the Oil Industry

Our history speaks volumes about our expertise in the oil industry; with over five decades of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in tank dewatering and process optimization. Our long journey, marked by innovation and a deep understanding of industry dynamics, reflects our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions. Explore our story and discover how our commitment to excellence shapes everything we do.

Where Measurement Meets Technology.

For over 52 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation and expertise, particularly in tank dewatering. Their deep-rooted experience and relentless pursuit of technological advancement position PMA as undisputed experts in this specialized domain. Our journey through the evolving landscapes of the oil sector has equipped them with unparalleled insights and skills, making us a trusted partner in tackling the complex challenges of tank dewatering.

Precision Instrumentation and Control

We have been in precision instrumentation and control in the water and energy industry for over 52 years. They provide online instrumentation for the water, oil and gas industry and various industrial applications. Additionally, we are a chemical manufacturer capable of creating bespoke chemical manufacturing for instrumentation and other applications.